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About Ayustar

AYUSTAR.NET was created by the merger between three local ISP's - Ahora.Net, Yunque.Net and Starbase Communications. The merger was finalized in January 2002, and brings forth the combined infrastructure and experience of the three companies. The merge also has enabled AYUSTAR to attain economies of scale that allow for a better use of resources, and a heightened level of service.

The need for a solid, quality infrastructure to allow efficient use of Internet related resources is one of Ayustar Corp. parameters of focus. We have built this infrastructure. Since day one we have looked at quality equipment, quality communications, and quality service options..... We had the forethought of what was coming... we have the forethought of what is to come. We started to think about options even before ISP's started "sprouting" all around. Our pace of growth is one that ensures that our clients will have the best options available in terms of technology... we lead.... the others follow.... 

In Puerto Rico telecommunications costs are 3 times those of the US mainland, yet prices set for Internet services are much lower. Firms that are charging low prices for basic access are guaranteed to fail - or "trap" as many customers as they can in order to cover the infrastructure costs - at the expense of service. There is no way that good service can be maintained at these levels and Ayustar Corp. plans on maintaining a rate structure that permits the continuous offering of good service and value added options. ISP's are "sprouting" around everywhere - select one that has been around for some time and that has a proven track record of  service and offers quality solutions... Ayustar Corp....

The three companies share the goal of serving our customers in a way no other company can. Our staff is committed to serving you. Contact us if you are looking for quality, personal, Internet services. What we do, we do best.